Orchestral Works

Vocal Works

Skimmermusik (2003)

for Mixed Choir and String Quartet.

Commissioned by the Wermland Vocal Ensemble and the Vertavoquartet with funds from NOMUS.
20 minutes.

Sapientia (1990)

for mixed choir.

Commissioned for the University Choir of Iceland by the Composers Fund of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

Psychomachia (1987)

for dramatic soprano and violoncello.

Commissioned for the Council of Nordic Academies of Music by NOMUS (the Committee for Nordic Musical Cooperation).
Score published by Edition Reimers AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Available on CD, ITM 8-04 from Iceland Music Information Centre (itm@mic.is). Also from Amazon.com.
Psychomachia CD cover on the disk of B.H. Gylfadottir, cellist.

Webby in the Woodland (1982)

for soprano and piano.

Commissioned by Jane Manning soprano.

HUMMA? (1972)

for three singers (two sopranos and one bass).

Thorsteinn Hauksson, Composer

Thorsteinn Hauksson