Orchestral Works

Works for Various Media

ThemeTheme (2007)

Music for the official website of Patternvision, Ltd and the Theme software, which is used to discover and analyse hidden patterns in human and animal behaviour.

See further information on Dr. Magnusson's pionneering work discovering hidden time patterns in behavior: T-patterns and their detection. Behavior, Research Methods, Instruments & Computers 32, 93-110.

Byen Viso (1999)

computer sound work for ballet.

Commissioned by the Efva Lilja Dansproduktion in Stockholm. Choreography: Efva Lilja. Story: Pia Tafdrup. Scenography: Jene Highstein. First performance at the Dansens Hus in Stockholm, October 9th, 1999.
85 minutes.

Við spegil undir fjögur augu (1995)

for soprano solo.

Written for the play "Spegill undir fjögur augu" by Jóhanna Sveinsdóttir.

Landið ókunna. Leit án enda (1993)

Music for the documentary "Landið ókunna. Leit án enda" on the future and history of the Icelandic highlands by Trausti Valsson and Thór Elís Pálsson.

Produced by the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - Television.

Thorsteinn Hauksson, Composer

Thorsteinn Hauksson